Did the Apostle Paul command against a woman "trimming" her ends?  Is it a "sin" for a woman to cut her hair any length?  Does "long" hair mean "uncut" hair?  How long is "long" hair?  The doctrine against  women cutting their hair (any length) was not formulated by ministers with DEGREES in Greek, but a study of the Greek text, with help from Greek language experts, reveals the true meaning of the Greek verbs, keiro and komao.  
      The usual method of teaching the passage of 1 Cor. 11:3-16 is in the form of an exegesis--breaking the passage down verse-by-verse, but it is more easily  understood in light of the entire context.  Since there is so much to bring out on the passage it is dealt with in segments with a study of the key terms in the Greek text and a study of the historical/cultural background of the passage, which involves the worship of Dionysus.  The essential element  (pagan worship) in the historical background is traditionally omitted, as the main objective is to force the passage to fit within modern day churches.

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